Gingway Products Inc.

About Gingway

Gingway Products was founded by our father, the late Joe Gingerich in 1966. He built the company using Christian principles and lots of hard work, always trying to treat the customers as he wanted to be treated.  He started in a small shop 40' X 60' which is still part of the facility today. He started with a few pieces of equipment, and grew the business by adding equipment and buildings.

Our employees are a dedicated and talented team. The office manager has been with us for 37 years, our senior welder for 36 years. Third generation family members have been employees for a number of years.

Today we have over 30,000 sq. ft under roof,  with equipment  which includes 13 MIG welders, TIG welder, SPOT welder, arc welder, 1/4" X 12' shear, 2 CNC pressbrakes, 2 plate rolls, angle roll, CNC pipe bender, CNC Plasma cutter, CNC Turret punch,  and a stretch wrap machine to protect your product for shipping. We are setup to work with mild steel, as well as aluminum and stainless steel.

We are involved in a large variety of jobs, from small repairs to large production work, producing tens of thousands of parts. We have been involved in the manufacturing and design of asphalt sealing equipment for over 29 years and have been building the center tube for rotary brooms for over 25 years as well. Dairy is another industry that we have been involved with for many years. We have been building Free Stalls for over 40 years.

The Gingerich family thanks you for allowing us to serve your needs for 45 years.